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all in a row...

Every so often I like to take some photos of my glass collection. The individual pieces are beautiful and each one is valued for it's design, but there is an extra quality when viewed as a collection. The photo shows one of the top shelves on my bookcases - there are three shelves in total and the other two are equally full. There are also some individual pieces or pairs wherever I can find space for them. Most of my collection is boxed away as I don't have the space to display them.

Visible in whole or in part, from left to right & links for close-ups:

FT58 Small Greek Key Vases in kingfisher blue, midnight grey & clear glass
FT62 Square Hyacinth Vases in midnight grey & clear glass (hidden at back)

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not quite right...

I am very sure this is a design for Wedgwood Crystal (1983-1987), but cannot find it in the catalogue of designs by Frank Thrower - Dartington Glass The First Twenty Years - compiled and published by Linda & Stuart Smithson in 2007. There is similar in the catalogue with different dimensions.
On page 201 of the catalogue you can see the WUS106 Devon Bud Vase in midnight grey optic glass - height 145 mm. My vase is 205 mm in midnight grey optic glass, and looks to be a larger version. The prefix WUS was used for a range produced mainly for the United States, and mostly using designs already in production.

Monday, 8 February 2016

orange / red

FT75 Short Shouldered Vase with collar top in flame red, designed in 1968

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polar range

Frank Thrower's Polar Range designs include the Hi-Ball Tumblers pictured here - FT109/6. There were two other sizes of glasses/tumblers - FT109/7 Old Fashioned Tumbler and FT109/8 Gin & Tonic Glass, and these were accompanied by a Jug, FT109/4. The designs date from 1969 for the Vases and Candleholders, and 1970 for the Fruit Set and Jug & Tumblers.

Also part of the Polar Range were a Polar Fruit Set, comprising a Large Fruit Bowl and Small Bowls, Small, Medium & Large Polar Square Vases - FT101, and Polar Small Candleholders - FT98. The Vases and Candleholders were produced in the four colourways - clear, midnight, kingfisher and flame. The Fruit Set was made in clear and midnight (with some examples found in kingfisher and flame), and the Polar Range Jug and Tumblers only in clear and midnight.

FT109/6 Hi-Ball Tumblers in midnight grey
Height: 5.5 inches / 140 mm